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The commissioning activities for Forum Kayseri IP Based Building Automation System continues
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With the best and most precise integrated solution,
The perfect operating conditions for you and your facility...
Think. Find the better solution. Implement.
“Leave your Energy to the Experts’ Hands”

Against the predicted energy consumption during the next 50 years and the dramatic climate change it shall cause, we are making contributions to the future of our world by taking actions with the intelligent systems we install to your facility and provide up to 30% more energy efficiency for it.

“Your Safety is Provided by Us”

While providing your safety by maintaining the correct fire ad smoke management, we keep your facility under our control by means of our Safety Passage Systems and Passage Systems with cards and we protect your customers against the dangers which may come from outside and inside by means of the state of the art camera and record management systems without people being aware of our presence.

“Enjoy your facilities”

Comfort is the indispensable factor of all facilities under today’s conditions.
We provide the highest comfort for your workers and your customers with the minimum amount of energy by means of the intelligent systems we install. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy while your facility accommodates its visitors with its intelligent systems …